With Chanuka coming up and the cold weather on the way now is an ideal time to get some new books for yourself or your buddies. Here are a couple of unique Jerusalem bookstores for your browsing and buying pleasure. Sefer v’Sefel One of the first used bookstores in the city. Downtown off Ben Yehuda….


Today the first Our Crowd global investor summit for technology ventures in Israel is happening in Jerusalem. Featured on CNN Jon Medved, the CEO and founder of OurCrowd, discusses the future of the Israeli economy in the “start up nation.” The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit features investors from around the world who are coming together to network, meet with…


Meet Fanny and Hamutal. Fanny made Aliyah to Jerusalem from Switzerland 2 years ago, and Hamutal moved to Jerusalem 4 years ago from Ramat Gan. She’s just back from teaching Hebrew in France for 7 months. They met each other at English Literature Studies at Hebrew University and hosted a Shalom al Lechem Shabbat dinner last…


Forget your image of Jerusalem as a serious, religious, historical, or political city. Look forward to two hilarious events with world class comedians that are both for great causes. Comedy for Change – super new and creative – how comedy can bring social change, create memorable impact and improve society. Two days of laughter and…

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