Help strengthen the next generation’s bonds with Jerusalem and its people.

Your support and sponsorship is what allows us to welcome cosmopolitan young Jewish adults to the city,
ensuring their strong sense of belonging to Jerusalem.

Sponsor a Program

$180/620 NIS – Alter.native Hebrew Course for a New Immigrant

Welcome a new immigrant to Jerusalem with a scholarship to one of our community Hebrew programs. YomYom uses one on one conversation to teach the fine art of managing in one’s new home with bureaucracy, doing puzzles in the daily paper, reading a recipe from a Hebrew cookbook and more. MaKore is a Hebrew literature group which reads a Hebrew literature classic together and discusses the Hebrew, vocabulary, and nuances. Sponsorship of a full class of 15 participants is $2,700.

$350/1,200 NIS – Wine Wednesday

Support wine tasting for a good cause, one of our most popular programs. Attendees bring bottles of their favorite kosher wine and spend the evening enjoying blind taste testing each other’s offerings while learning about the designated beneficiary. This event exposes young adults to a variety of good causes in the city (where they can also volunteer) in a fun-filled social setting.
$350 goes to defray the costs of refreshments and supplies for one event of 150 people.

$500/1,700 NIS – Shalom al Lechem Intimate Shabbat Dinner

Enable young immigrants and native Israelis to co-host a Shabbat dinner promoting our welcoming of newcomers, creating a pluralistic atmosphere, and building bridges between young Israelis and the international community. The menu of each meal is developed from the culinary traditions of the hosts and their Jewish ancestry with the meal cooked on our travelling kosher kitchen.
$500 provides a meal for 15 people.

$1,200/4,080 NIS – Welcome Celebration

Help us give a big welcome to Jerusalem’s newcomers by sponsoring a welcome event. Jerusalem Village invites Israelis and veteran immigrants to celebrate the arrival of newcomers, providing a very positive first impression of the city. Welcome events feature ice breakers, mingling, and dancing.

$1,800/6,000NIS – Neighborhood Friday Night Shabbat Dinner

Sponsor a neighborhood Friday night community dinner for 40 to 50 Israelis and newcomers together. A mix of religious and secular. A bigger version of our intimate home dinners. Three hosts make the salads with our catering consultant, we provide the main dishes and the guests bring the store bought items. Everyone chips in and the networking naturally happens. Hosts and guests provide the content together and Shabbat in the ‘hood’ begins.

$2,500/8,500 NIS – Volunteer Passion Event/Program

Help provide the opportunity for immigrants to run programs through Jerusalem Village’s initiative to empower those who have passions they wish to share with the community. Passion Programs are created, planned, and executed by persons with interests that promote community building. Jerusalem Village helps to bring these events to life through support in: content development, location, contacts, marketing, logistic and funding from donors like you.

$2,500 covers an event planned and executed by a volunteer immigrant/s and Jerusalem Village.

How to Sponsor a Program

All contributions to Jerusalem Village are tax-deductible, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Donations Online

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At this time online donations are only for US Dollars and US Tax Receipts.

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Donations by Check

All checks should be made out to “Central Fund of Israel”

In the note section write “Jerusalem Village”

Checks are sent to:

Central Fund of Israel

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For Israel Donations, please contact Lisa Barkan, Director.

Donate Services

Let us know if you would like to donate professional services, space, food & drink, or materials.

We are happy to market your business and brand to over 2,500 young Jerusalem residents in return!

  • Professional Services: Tour guiding, marketing, photography, graphic design, etc.
  • Space: Do you have a bar, hall, or outdoor area that could hold an event?
  • Food & Drink: We love tastings!
  • Materials: wine glasses, tables & chairs, tablecloths, tableware, cookware, decorations, etc.

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Lisa Barkan, Director