Learn from the community; with the community


Hebrew is not only the key to living in Israel and to its culture but also to feeling part of a community. Do you speak Hebrew after finishing Ulpan? Most of the Olim we spoke to say that they do not use Hebrew in their everyday life. Olim work and socialize in their native tongue and don’t feeling comfortable speaking Hebrew outside the ‘safe’ environment of Ulpan. We believe living in Hebrew is a way to create community and a sense of belonging.

Alter.native – features programs designed to fill the gap between Ulpan and everyday life. The Israeli participants in this program are members of Jerusalem Village community wanting to help the new internationals with Hebrew.

The Program

Calling all newcomers who are looking to spruce up their Hebrew! Jerusalem Village invites you to “שיחה ושתייה,” a 3-part series (for those level bet and higher) in which you will get to practice spoken Hebrew through one-on-one chats with fun local Yerushalmim in the Mass Challenge Lounge!

What to expect at each meetup?

  • A one-on-one chat with a native Israeli
  • A group _____ (outing, discussion, activity?!)
  • Drinks, dessert, and a good time, all in Hebrew with both natives and newcomers in a chill environment.


  • 60 NIS for 3 sessions
  • Spots are limited.  FALL 2017 SOLD OUT


  • Monday August 28
  • Monday Sept 4
  • Monday Sept 11


  • 19:30-21:00


  • Mass Challenge (Beit Alliance, Kiach 5)


1. Break down the barrier of one-on-one communication between native Hebrew speakers and ‘newcomers’ to the Hebrew language.

Personal relationships require strong communication and developing ‘social Hebrew’ is a key element for entry into deeper connections between native Israelis and those from abroad thereby leading to deeper friendships.

2. Give students of Hebrew an affordable way to a boost their self-confidence in speaking, reading and writing.

While the current methodologies of classroom learning of Hebrew work for grammar and vocabulary building, peer-to-peer community communication is a key link to providing a feeling of being able to succeed in self-expression.

3. Encourage the use of Hebrew as a path towards bridging gaps between native Israelis and the global Jewish community thereby making an impact on shared society.

When individuals from diverse communities come together a shared language is a crucial element of understanding each other and developing Hebrew-speaking skills can open new doors for engagement and shared futures.

4. Creating a community.

Research states that the most important thing in acquiring a new language is motivating the student. We believe that the way to do that is by creating a tight knit, helpful supportive community. We offer two kinds of community to our students. First, the group of participants who all have in common their goal of living in Hebrew. The second, unlike in other Hebrew courses, is comprised not only of Olim but also of Sabras, for whom Hebrew is their mother tongue. This combination is our unique alternative to ulpan. Our students: Learn from the community, with the community.

Join Us

Looking for volunteers @Alter.native

We are looking for native Hebrew speakers to join the Jerusalem Village Alternative community!
This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and passion for Israel and Hebrew with Olim.
The programs goal is to help Olim speak Hebrew without fear.

Feel like you’re up for the challenge? You’re the person we are looking for?

Contact us at: people@jerusalemvillage.org


Stephanie Horowitz