Good Company. Good Wine. Good Cause.

Raise money and awareness for a good cause in Jerusalem while networking.

Wine Wednesday (an incredible project born in Tel Aviv) is now in Jerusalem every other month! Meet, mingle, and drink wine while raising money and awareness for an important grassroots project in Jerusalem.

How it Works


Step 1: Bring a bottle of kosher wine that costs less than 100 NIS. If you come with a friend, you can bring one between the two of you.

Step 2: When you arrive at the event we will collect a donation of 30 NIS towards the featured community organization/cause being supported.

Step 3: The wine bottles will be covered with a number so that we can all taste and rate the wines anonymously.

Step 4: Enjoy the wine tasting, refreshments, and entertainment.

Step 5: During the event there will be a 5-minute pitch (we promise only 5 minutes!) about the featured organization/cause.

Step 6: Vote on the best wine of the evening. Winner who brought the best wine receives tickets to an upcoming cultural event in the city.

Additional Info


Musicians and performers: contact us if you are interested in performing at our events.


Partners & Sponsors