Discover. Create. Network.

Engage with Jerusalem’s unique culture in a diverse crowd.

Jerusalem boasts a unique culture, cultivated by generations of residents who built meaningful traditions for their communities. Our workshops introduce you to various cultural elements and traditions in Jerusalem, helping you discover new opportunities of interest in the city.

Attracting a diverse crowd of young Israelis and internationals, the creative and interactive nature of these workshops also provides a natural way for networking with Israelis.  All events are in easy Hebrew with word lists distributed to newcomers.

Got an idea for a cultural workshop or event? You could receive a grant and work with our staff to make it happen. See how it works below.

About the Program

The content of each workshop will surround cultural and lifecycle practices in Jerusalem, engaging participants and encouraging them to meet, interact, and learn from each other. Our staff will also support community members who wish to produce workshops relating to their own interests and passions, allowing them to get involved on a grassroots level and develop leadership skills.

  • Attract new people to Jerusalem Village, especially Israelis
  • Produce an event that is attractive to Israelis and young internationals from a variety of backgrounds and infuses an appreciation for multiculturalism
  • Spark connections between native Israelis and young internationals

In 2012-2013, Jerusalem Village held a series of three workshops that were attended by a mix of Israelis and immigrants, including a pre-elections panel, a wine and cheese workshop in honor of Shavuot, and young writers’ evening at a local café.

Participants of Shalom Al Lechem feel that the program brings together Israelis and olim for an intimate and quality meeting and has tremendous potential for growth.

For many hosts and participants, the highlight of the meal has been the staff chef, Avital Blass, who involves the hosts in the planning and preparation of the ‘simple gourmet’ meal, made from her personal recipe collection, and with fresh Jerusalem produce.

The portable Kosher kitchen has also proven key to allowing Jerusalem Village to reach its goal of bringing together young adults from different backgrounds, who might not otherwise share a Shabbat meal together.


How it Works

Share your individual passion with the community! Organize a cultural workshop or event.

Are you passionate about a specific activity? Did coming to a Jerusalem Village program or event interest you in organizing your own?  Is there an exhibit, show, fair, tournament, or any type of event you would like to produce, but aren’t sure you can handle all of the logistics? Don’t have an idea but want to support the organization of an event?

Jerusalem Village is giving you an opportunity to bring your vision to fruition and participate in the planning and execution of new, creative events, all based on YOUR passions and interests. We will choose one event/project every 2 months, and will help you bring your idea to life through support in: content building, location, contacts, marketing, logistics, and even partial funding.

Project Eligibility Requirements

  1. You are passionate about the social and cultural lives of young adults in Jerusalem
  2. The project must be realistic and manageable (for 2 people to produce, part time)
  3. Be ready to use connections and resources that are readily available
  4. A high quality event that can be produced on a shoestring budget
  5. The project should be related to at least two of the following areas:
  • A passion shared by community members
  • Building community (especially between immigrants and native Israelis)
  • Multiculturalism and Globalism
  • Making an impact on Jerusalem; improving the city for it’s residents

For Example

Alex Stein, a Jerusalem resident and passionate writer who made aliyah from London, felt that there were a lot of other young writers in Jerusalem from all around the world who would like to read their work. Together with Jerusalem Village, Alex organized a young writers’ evening in the café, Tmol Shilshom. The idea of the event was to expose talented young writers to Jerusalem’s young community, and the event was a great success; we had 20 readers and more than 100 of people who came to listen. The café staff said they had never seen the place so full!

How to Apply

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and all relevant projects will require a follow-up interview before setting a production date. If your project idea matches the above criteria, send a project description to


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