Internships in French, Spanish, English, Hebrew

Jerusalem Village is seeking interns to help us continue to grow and expand. We feel that the involvement of newcomers to Jerusalem will positively affect our organization, and in turn we will provide a purposeful and colorful volunteer experience. We are looking for interns in the fields of marketing, fundraising, community involvement and development of ‘speaking Hebrew experiences’. Interns will sit with us in Mass Challenge, work with the energetic and creative staff at Jerusalem Village weekly, gain professional development skills, and hold leadership positions, all while advancing this cutting-edge organization.

The marketing and PR intern will use creative strategies and techniques in order to increase social media usage and followers. We need an individual who is expressive and full of unique ideas! He or she will create vibrant promotional materials and campaigns that capture who Jerusalem Village is, while positively promoting the organization.  Tell our story!

The fundraising intern will work closely with Jerusalem Village’s director in order to expand outreach to new donors, improve current fundraising efforts, and create effective impact reports. Through donor cultivation and research, the fundraising intern will strengthen his or her skills in donor relations, while working to grow Jerusalem Village as a nonprofit organization. We are looking for a fundraising intern with a passion for positive change in Jerusalem!

The community involvement intern will help plan, recruit, and implement JV events. He or she will take the reigns on a specific event, and gain skills in, logistics, organization, and management. This intern will be in charge of a volunteering initiative, and will aim to meet as many people as possible in order to understand the JV participant base. This person must be organized and creative, with excellent interpersonal skills!

Our Alternative spoken Hebrew programs are enhancing the ‘speaking Hebrew’ experience of newcomers bringing them to greater proficiency both during and after Ulpan. This internship involves creation of materials for Hebrew learning and new ways to bring speaking Hebrew to young adults in the city. Minimum level ‘Bet’ Hebrew necessary. Lots of room for creativity. Don’t be scared!!!


  • 5 to 10 hours per week


Send us 2 to 3 sentences about yourself, your level of Hebrew and a resume if you have one.

Then….tell us about something that you would like to do in the city that you have not yet done.


Only qualified candidates will be contacted.