With Chanuka coming up and the cold weather on the way now is an ideal time to get some new books for yourself or your buddies.

Here are a couple of unique Jerusalem bookstores for your browsing and buying pleasure.

Sefer v’Sefel
One of the first used bookstores in the city. Downtown off Ben Yehuda. Lots of fiction. Visit their Facebook page for information.

Ludwig Meyer
Established in 1980. Next to the famous bakery and coffee shop Kadosh (across from Ministry of Interior) downtown.
Visit their website catalogue.

Book Gallery
Thousands of books and special orders on request. A must visit. Enjoy the comfortable lounge chairs located throughout the store.
Their website has the address and shopping options.

Pomeranz Books
Jewish books in English and Hebrew. Special orders for rare books.
The website also lists author events and specials.

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