By Sharon Szmuc

  1. Yoga Balagan: There is no better way than to stay relaxed and in shape than going to yoga classes every Tuesday at Gan Sacher. Not only will you meet a large group of Jerusalem 20- and 30-somethings, you’ll also enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding neighborhoods as you let your mind meditate. And it also doesn’t hurt that it’s completely free of charge…

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  1. Etrog Man Juice: After some yoga in Gan Sacher, you can walk to the Shuk for a refreshing juice (perhaps Ginger-Apple or an Orange-Mango smoothie). Each juice and smoothie contains natural, medicinal herbs to help lift your spirits and keep you in good shape and full of energy!

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  1. Nagila: Looking for a healthy restaurant? Nagila is a vegetarian restaurant boasting a menu filled with organic and home-cooked style foods. Sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, chat with fellow diners , and even get inspiration to cook your own vegetarian healthy recipes. Best thing on the menu: Yamburger!


  1. Running or Biking on the Path from the First Station: What could be more beautiful than biking or running through history on the old paths of Jerusalem’s first train station? Groups of young people gather together around sundown and begin to bike or run along the trail. This routine becomes more than just physical activity, it becomes a passion, evidenced by the large groups of people who can be seen every day at every hour exercising and enjoying the neighborhoods that the trail passes through. It’s a great way to meet new people, stay fit and do something you love all at the same time.


  1. Crossfit Jerusalem: Most say this is an addiction: when one starts Crossfit they have become enamored with working out. Crossfit Jerusalem is the best place for someone who is into high intensity interval training, weightlifting, powerlifting, or gymnastics. Different languages are heard in this facility ranging from Hebrew and English to Italian and Spanish as friendly young people come to Crossfit Jerusalem for professional training or to create their own workout plan at their own pace. Classes from beginners to advanced level are offered!

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I didn’t think it was possible to find so many different options to stay healthy and in shape in Jerusalem. You might think it’s my constant craving for rugelach or Aldo ice cream that makes me want to get my work out on, but it’s also the fact that every time I went, I discovered that working out could also be a social experience. After exchanging some numbers, I made friends in my yoga class and later we gathered at a bar at the Shuk (which felt to me like the official conferment of my “Jerusalemite” status!)

My conclusion? It seems Jerusalem’s magic can be found even in somewhat unexpected places, like at the gym or on a running path.

Sharon Szmuc, our fabulous summer intern, is a fourth-year at Florida State University studying Creative Writing and Communications. In the fall she will start writing for Her Campus, an online magazine for US college students.

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