So, you just got an invite to a Shalom-al-lechem dinner? Yay! Your host probably asked you to bring a bottle of wine, which we all know is a super important component of the meal.

Having trouble choosing an Israeli wine and wishing you remembered the wines you tasted at this summer’s wine festival? We’ve got you covered. We asked around to see what local wine lovers recommend. You’ll surely find a wine that fits your palate, and budget. Which wine will you try? Do you have a go-to wine for Shabbat?

1. Itamar, Basher Wine Bar: Rosé du Castel

“Since it first came out, it was clear this wine is a premium rosé, meaning that it is not a byproduct of other red wines. A blend of Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Frank, it has a full and rich body, making it great for a Shabbat or holiday meal.”

How to serve: 8 °

Alcohol percentage: 13%

Average cost: NIS 100

rose du castel

2. Evyatar, Kos Shel Bracha: Ugav Pinotage, Jerusalem Wineries

“When looking for a relatively cheap wine, regardless of all the sales offered from different wineries, I like choosing Ugav Pinotage from the Jerusalem Wineries. It has very interesting aroma and taste, but it’s not too heavy which makes it perfect with many types of food. it’s a really fun-to-drink wine, and the price just makes it better!”

How to serve: 18-20 °

Alcohol percentage: 13%

Average cost: NIS 30

3. Einat Oz, Jerusalemite wine lover: Red Cna’an, Dalton

“A wine that is not too expensive and still has good qualities is the Red Cna’an, which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlo, Petit Syrah, a little Shiraz and some Mourvedre. It is an easy-to-drink wine, very fruity with a hint of cherry and vanilla. The wine is local and designed for local cuisine. An excellent choice for Shabbat dinner and also for partying later on!”

How to serve: 16-18°, but can also be served slightly chilled

Alcohol percentage: 14%

Average cost: NIS 40

red cnaan

4. Lisa Barkan, Jerusalem Village Director: Red Neve Midbar (2011), Ramat Negev

“When people think about regions of Israel and wine, they usually refer to the Northern part of the country and the Jerusalem area. So I was pleasantly surprised that my favorite at the Jerusalem wine festival was from Ramat Negev. Their 2011 dry red wine was light and mild with wonderful aromas. It’s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Merlot.”

How to serve: 16°

Alcohol percentage: 14%

Average cost: NIS 80

רמת נגב נווה מדבר

5. Avital, Jerusalem Village House Chef: Syrah (2011), Yarden Winery

“When I waitressed at a Chef’s restaurant, servers were allowed to drink as much wine as we liked. This wine, from Ramat Hagolan, made our work worth it. It’s really enjoyable. I recommend it with a meat dish.”

How to serve: 18-20 °

Alcohol percentage: 15%

Average cost: NIS 122


6. Allan Hoffman, Oleh from Argentina, 3 years in Israel: Yogev Cabernet Sauvignon, Binyamina Winery

“When I’m invited to a dinner, I really like bringing this wine with me. It’s a blend made from grapes grown in classic Israeli wine regions: Ramat HaGolan and Lachish. The wine is very dry and has rich fruity flavors. It goes really well with meat, and it’s a great value for the price.”

How to serve: 18-20°

Alcohol percentage: 13%

Average cost: 55 NIS


Which wine sounds good to you? Do you have a go-to wine for Shabbat or holidays? Share with us!

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