If you want to experience a new way to do Friday night dinner, eat delicious food, and delight with fellow movers and shakers of Jerusalem, then you should probably host a Shalom al Lechem meal with Jerusalem Village! Get out your cooking mitts, get a hold of your Grandmother’s kugel recipe, and bring your friends.

On November 11th, Talya Frankel and Michael Rabi co-hosted a delightful Shalom al Lechem dinner in Talya’s home on Derech Harakevet.




Talya is 26 years old and originally from Toronto, Canada.  Talya studied education and Jewish studies at York University. Three years ago, she staffed Nativ, a college leadership gap-year program. A year later, Talya  made aliyah and worked in a gan while living in Jerusalem. She currently is getting her teaching certificate in special education at David Yellin college. When I asked Talya why she chose Jerusalem, she told me that she “loves the atmosphere, and how Jerusalem really is a city mixed of all types of people. There are people here of all ages–Students, Israelis, olim, families.” In her free time, Talya enjoys connecting people to one another, going on hikes and outings, art, and being outside.

Michael, 26, was born in Jerusalem and raised his whole life in Efrat.  He got his bachelor’s degree in political science and information sciences/internet technology from Bar Ilan University. He is currently getting his masters and working on his thesis in political science at Hebrew University. In addition, Michael works as a research assistant and teaching assistant at Hebrew U. Michael enjoys hosting, experimenting with food, and hanging out with friends. Michael told me that here in Jerusalem “every time period leaves its mark– part of history is here. There is such a feeling of belonging; my roots are here.” He enjoys experiencing the diversity of cultures and the authenticity of Jerusalem.


Hosting tip #1:

Make sure that you consult with your guests about allergies and food sensitivities before planning your menu! This way, there will be something for everyone to eat, and you will avoid any potential fiascos/ rushes to the Emergency Room.

Hosting tip #2:

If you have a sitting area, utilize it! After dinner, invite your guests to sit around the sofa over tea and dessert. This mixes up the seating order and general flow of the evening, allowing people the chance to converse with all of the invited guests.


The Hit of the Night
Leek & Coconut Cream Soup

Fry two onions and four large leeks
Add three cloves of garlic and three cut up potatoes (in small cubes)
Add salt, pepper, some nutmeg, and cook in water until soft
Ground up a bag of chestnuts and add
Add a full can of coconut cream
Taste and add spices as you go!

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