Literally, “Greetings over bread,” Shalom al Lechem provides an opportunity to experience a Shabbat soirée that brings together a small, diverse group of young Israelis and internationals in a private home for food and conversation. Hosted jointly by native Israelis and immigrants, each host invites a small group of friends. With our trendy caterer and portable kosher kitchen, the hosts are able to tailor the theme, menu, and atmosphere to reflect the traditions, tastes, and ideas they wish to share with their guests.

If you aren’t convinced to host already, here are six reasons why you should:

1. Host a fabulous dinner party (we’ll do the shopping, schlepping, and cooking).

Feel like throwing a themed dinner but don’t have the time to plan it on your own? Want to cook a healthy, homemade meal but have forgotten what your kitchen looks like? When you host with Jerusalem Village, our personal caterer and professional production staff help you and your co-host work out every last detail so you and your guests can enjoy an incredible evening.

2. Tell your story (through food).

We’ll help you share your personal story by selecting foods that represent your favorite traditions, ancestry, and places you love to create an original menu that will be guaranteed to start a conversation. Our caterer will walk you through the steps of preparing each dish and will pass on the recipes to you and your guests.

3. Don’t have a Kosher kitchen? No problem!

Ever wanted to invite your observant friends over for dinner but couldn’t because your kitchen wasn’t Kosher? We bring a “portable kitchen” loaded with Kosher cooking supplies to your house and cook food on the stove only, so all of your friends can enjoy.

4. Bring awareness to an issue you care about.

As a host, you have the opportunity to raise an issue you care about. Independent music, sustainability, local art, politics, underdeveloped countries, community life in Jerusalem – these are just a few of the issues that were brought up our meals.

5. Make Israeli friends.

The best way to meet new people is through personal introductions. Since you and your Israeli co-host will invite your own friends, you’ll bring young internationals and Israelis together who most likely have a lot in common, but have never had the chance to meet.

6. Relax with a few glasses of wine.

Busy week? A few glasses of wine should help you and your guests take a load off! After all, the whole point of Shabbat is to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Shalom Al Lechem. Friends Host Friends.


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