Vered,  Mor and Maya share an apartment in Old Katamon. The three of them love to host and throw parties in the apartment so it’s a perfect match.

They have just moved into the apartment together with Maya, an Ola from the USA and together they made this shared apartment their real home!

Vered hosted this very unique Shalomalechem dinner – she’s a part of Collage program that was created by Jerusalem Village and Ein Prat Midrasha. The program brings together Olim and Israelis for discussing issues involving Judaism and contemporary life. She hosted the meal together with Becky, whome she met in the program, and they invited all of their friends for the program for one big Shabbat dinner.

So we went to see what’s going on in the apartment.

The girls really love to cook and bake, and they have all sorts of  kitchen gadgets and baking equipment.

On the refrigerator we found LOADS of wedding magnets with photos of the three.

On the inside – we found loads of vegetables and homemade Challahs! Moran says that when she’s invited to a dinner party – she always prefers to make food at home that to buy something in the store, including bread and desserts!

Taly is the decorator of the house. her room seems like it came out of a designer magazine, and she also put a lot of thought in decorating the shared living room – which has an amazing view of Jerusalem.

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