Jerusalem Village makes it possible for young adults to
experience the city through people,
and to connect to those they would not meet otherwise.



We help newcomers acclimate to Jerusalem lifestyle by developing a strong ecosystem of young sabras to support cultural exploration and language learning.

  • Improve international awareness of Jerusalem’s offerings & opportunities
  • Build awareness among Israelis about the challenges of young internationals
  • Help immigrants feel confident in their Hebrew skills


We introduce newcomers to people, places, and traditions of interest, allowing them to build strong roots in the city.

  • Help newcomers connect with a variety of people and places in Jerusalem
  • Create shared environments that encourage development of strong relationships
  • Provide opportunities for newcomers to practice Jewish tradition in modern contexts


We encourage newcomers to develop their skills and passions in order to overcome challenges they confront in Israeli society.

  • Help newcomers form proactive strategies for a productive Jerusalem experience
  • Empower newcomers to make an impact on the city
  • Provide access to valuable networks and resources

Shalom al Lechem

 A Shabbat evening soirée

Meet ups

Monthly. In Hebrew.


With different people.

 DIY Souvenir

 Jerusalem Spice Workshop