Jerusalem Village enables cosmopolitan young adults to form invaluable connections
and to channel their passions to ensure the future of a vibrant Jerusalem.




We help newcomers acclimate to Jerusalem lifestyle by developing a strong ecosystem of young sabras to support cultural exploration and language learning.

  • Improve international awareness of Jerusalem’s offerings & opportunities
  • Build awareness among Israelis about the challenges of young internationals
  • Help immigrants feel confident in their Hebrew skills


We introduce newcomers to people, places, and traditions of interest, allowing them to build strong roots in the city.

  • Help newcomers connect with a variety of people and places in Jerusalem
  • Create shared environments that encourage development of strong relationships
  • Provide opportunities for newcomers to practice Jewish tradition in modern contexts


We encourage newcomers to develop their skills and passions in order to overcome challenges they confront in Israeli society.

  • Help newcomers form proactive strategies for a productive Jerusalem experience
  • Empower newcomers to make an impact on the city
  • Provide access to valuable networks and resources

Shalom al Lechem

 A Shabbat evening soirée

שיחה ושתיה

Drinks and Shmoozing

Wine Wednesday

Good Company. Good Wine. Good Cause.


A Jerusalem Spice Workshop