The mission of Jerusalem Village is to act as a facilitator for providing Jewish young adults opportunities to experience the city through people, and to bring together diverse populations who would not meet otherwise.


Jerusalem Village envisions an inspired Jerusalem that people can’t imagine leaving.


Warmly Deliberate

Guest lists + Open Arms

We believe that warm welcomes can change the world. We also believe that there is a science to connection, and an art to excellence. We’re welcoming to everyone and live for social cohesion. We strive to create a community for a certain type of curious consumer, and we’re so in love with the community we’re creating.

Significantly Fun

Honest conversations + Seriously Good Times

We believe in both real talk, and in laughing so hard that you can’t talk. Vulnerability matters to us, but so does the unbridled joy of being together and welcoming all. We’re in awe of the sparks that can fly when we let our guard down, and we firmly believe that tears and giggles can and should share a seat at the table. We strive to create opportunities for both.

Deliberately Spontaneous

Organic learning + Engineered Experiences

We believe that by sweating the small stuff, we can bring together people who need to and want to learn new things and know each other. And so we plan. We obsess over the details. We assemble our tables on purpose, and on post-its. We design our events to maximise the magic of people – and when that happens, we’ve learned that we can never know what to expect!