Five Year Plan

In 2013, with generous support from the Leichtag Foundation, Jerusalem Village embarked on a six-month planning process with the goal of producing a modern, comprehensive, and long-term strategy for strengthening relationships between young internationals and Jerusalem, ensuring their continued engagement with the center of the Jewish people for the foreseeable future.

This planning process began with research in the following forms:

  • a map of current initiatives;
  • pilot program evaluations;
  • multiple focus groups; and
  • an international survey on young adults’ experiences as visitors and immigrants in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Village team of staff and key volunteers then participated in several planning meetings conducted by the organizational consulting company, Hidalgo. During the sessions, our team identified major problems, chose a specific strategy for solving those problems that we felt we would have an advantage in solving, and outlined the goals and objectives of the organization.

The result is an organizational focus on creating a sense of belonging among young adults in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Village envisions a city where pluralistic-minded young adults from around the world can participate in authentic community experiences and build fulfilling lives.

Over the next five years, Jerusalem Village aims to upgrade the experiences of young visitors and immigrants to include elements that go beyond the Old City and Ben Yehuda street. We plan to implement ten innovative, modern, pluralistic, and multi-faceted programs that help newcomers connect to unique places in the city, build natural bonds with its people, and develop their talents, passions, and challenges into projects and businesses that promote stability and strengthen the city for its residents.

Jerusalem Village aims to make it possible for pluralistic-minded young adults from abroad to imagine and discover a viable, rewarding, and satisfying life in Jerusalem.

At Jerusalem Village, we plan to promote community involvement and volunteerism among our constituents, not only by involving them in our own work, but also by exposing them to various opportunities for involvement in the greater community. All of our programs share a focus on introducing the global young adult community to people and places in Jerusalem who are actively participating in community building and are making various positive impacts on the city.

From an internal point of view, Jerusalem Village has chosen to make sustainability a priority. The next five years include the establishment of an Israeli non-profit, board and donor cultivation, and strategy development for building a self-sustainable organization that will be less reliant on philanthropy in the future. By 2014, we aim to become 10% self-sustainable with a specific strategy to become 50% self-sustainable by 2018.

As Jerusalem Village moves forward towards implementing our strategic plan, we are open to developing relationships with key partners in the field and working together towards the strengthening of bonds between the global young Jewish community and Jerusalem.

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