Jerusalem Village has designed a unique, comprehensive, and engaging approach to welcoming newcomers to the city and introducing them to people they would not meet otherwise.


Our Goals


In order to fulfill our mission of we aim to:

1. Provide opportunities and tools for social and professional networking, intertwined with educational enrichment

Social adhesion and integration require an ‘in’ and in person experiences are the best way for gaining access to individuals and opportunities that allow for connections and being a part of mainstream society.

2. Burst bubbles, form bridges, learn about and get exposure to “other” groups of young adults found in the city

‘The other’ can no longer be ‘the other’ if I am having dinner with them.  By bringing together those who would not meet otherwise we create a person by person change.

3. Improve the image of Jerusalem, whilst creating and increasing social cohesion amongst young adults in the city 

When newcomers bring their background, skills and energy to a community they not only improve life for themselves and other residents in the city, but also develop their leadership and professional skills, while discovering new networks and resources.


Home Hosting

We take the Jerusalem persona of ‘come into my home’ to its max by using our travelling Kosher kitchen to create meals of the grand people mix. Find Haredi students cooking for Shabbat with the secular guy from their economics class.

  • Turn dining tables into places of conversation
  • Build awareness among Israelis about the challenges of young internationals and the global Jewish world
  • Help newcomers feel confident in their spoken Hebrew skills

Intentional Experiences

We make the craziest combinations of hobbies, interests, culture, art, design, business, education, and literally anything in between. Curated by community members, our post meal meet ups are a new way to experience Jerusalem and its people.


  • Help newcomers connect with a variety of people and places in Jerusalem
  • Create shared environments that encourage development of strong relationships
  • Provide opportunities for developing social connectedness

Gather and Enjoy

Meet and mix. Culture and art. Networking and mingling.  Our larger outreach events do just that – they reach out and bring together those who have been to smaller events and encourage the
joining of those who are new.



  • Encourage community members to create authentic welcome experiences
  • Empower different groups to come together and share traditions, interests, new experiences
  • Create opportunities for inclusion and cooperation between those who have never connected before


1. A new perspective on Jerusalem
Young Jewish adults throughout the world will see Jerusalem as a hub for developing themselves as Jewish individuals, leaders and pioneers

2. Jerusalem Welcome
Young newcomers to the city will receive a warm welcome and be directed to what Jerusalem has to offer in their areas of interest

3. Integration with Israelis
Internationals will meet and interact with Israeli on a regular basis Israelis will be more aware of the need to welcome young internationals Young internationals gain access to authentic experiences

4. Self Fulfillment
Young newcomers to Jerusalem will have a strategy and plan for building their social and economic future in Jerusalem, taking advantage of available resources Young adults will engage in community service as a strategy for skill development, networking, and overall integration into the Jerusalem community